Toothpick Company Limited is deploying a revolutionary bio herbicide technology called 'Kichawi Kill' to combat Striga Weed in maize farms in Western Kenya and beyond.

Striga Weed Eradication Experts in Africa!!

The Amazing Kichawi Kill

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☁️ Best offers ☁️ Free delivery ☁️ Perfect design ☁️ Comfort ☁️ Support 24/7 ☁️ Vibes
About Us.
Toothpick Company Limited was founded in 2018 as a social enterprise through a collaborative effort between; Deutsche Welthungerhilfe e V., an NGO that has been working world wide since 1962; Prof. David Sands of Montana State University; Claire Sands Baker of Biotech Investments LLC; Starfish Foundation; Winfred Ohrstrom Nichols of Ohrstrom Foundation; Dr Peter Lueth of ProPhyta GmbH; and Florence Oyosi of Liberty Initiators Network. Research and development has been possible through an ongoing partnership with the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization.


Our Commitment is to provide biocontrol solution that solves food production challenges to alleviate hunger through improved crop yield, farm productivity and profitability.


To be the leader in creating and promoting market-driven bio control technologies for improved crop productivity

Core Values

* Driven by Innovation
* Caring for our customers
* Focusing on Impact and Results
* Accountable to our stakeholders
* Excellence through integrity
* Engaging our partners


With Kenya as the testing ground, we are gearing up to spread our eco-friendly solution to over 20 African countries plagued by the witch-like Striga Weed menace.

Our Products

Kichawi Kill is a bio herbicide made from natural ingredients, ensuring it does not harm the environment or ecosystem. It offers a sustainable solution to weed control, reducing the dependence on harmful chemical herbicides, and promoting environmentally friendly agricultural practices.
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Kichawi Kill 80g

Used with 10kg Seed estimated to cover 1 acre of maize plantation

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Kichawi Kill 40g

Used with 5kg Seed estimated to cover 0.5 acre of maize plantation

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Kichawi Kill 16g

Used with 2kg Seed estimated to cover 0.2 acre of maize plantation

Striga Strike
Farms are infested with Striga, a parasitic weed, resulting in cereal crop loss yield of 20 – 100%.
Striga weed (witchweed, kayongo) is the worst pest threat to food security in Africa. It's on 40 million farms, causing up to $9 billion crop loss annually. Striga parasite attacks the roots of maize, sorghum, millets, dryland rice and sugarcane.
  • Protect your maize from the menacing Striga Weed with the revolutionary bio herbicide, Kichawi Kill!
  • Say goodbye to Striga Weed infestations and hello to bountiful harvests with Toothpick Company Limited!
  • Join the fight against Striga Weed and safeguard your maize farm with the powerful Kichawi Kill solution!
  • Experience the transformation on your farm as Kichawi Kill wipes out Striga Weed, ensuring a thriving maize crop!
  • Don't let Striga Weed take over your maize fields - trust Kichawi Kill to protect your harvest and livelihood!

Kichawi Chronicles

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Kenya Pilot Program Success

Feb 27, 2024

Exciting results from the Kichawi Kill pilot program in Kenya show a 90% reduction in Striga Weed infestations!

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Expanding Across Africa

Feb 27, 2024

Toothpick Company Limited gears up to introduce Kichawi Kill to over 20 African countries battling the dreaded Striga Weed!

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Revolutionizing Agriculture

Feb 27, 2024

Witness the agricultural revolution as Kichawi Kill transforms maize farming in Africa, one field at a time!

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Breaking Witch Weed's Spell

Feb 27, 2024

Say goodbye to the curse of Witch Weed with Kichawi Kill's potent formula, changing the game for maize farmers everywhere!


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Global Reach

Expanding to 20+ African Countries
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Powerful Impact

Revolutionizing Maize Farming Practices
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Community Support

Empowering Farmers for Success
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Sustainable Solution

Environmentally Friendly and Effective
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Innovative Approach

Redefining Weed Control Strategies
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Future Growth

Pioneering the Future of Agriculture


"Kichawi Kill is a game-changer! Bye-bye Striga Weed!"

Everlyne Wafula - Bungoma

"Unbelievable results with Kichawi Kill, saved my maize farm!"

Veronica - Kisumu

"Kichawi Kill is pure magic, Striga Weed vanished 

Phyllis Olendo - Busia

Toothpick Staff 

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Collins Obonyo
Sales & Marketing
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Lilian Nkatha
Admin & Finance
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Loise Kioko
Research Scientist
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John Odenge
Agribusiness Advisor
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Dorcas Kemboi
General Manager
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Dr. Peter Lüth
Director, Board Chair
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Co-founder, chief scientist

Unveiling the Magic of Kichawi Kill

Kichawi Kill, the bio herbicide, works its magic by targeting Striga Weed specifically, leaving your maize farms thriving and Striga-free!

Absolutely! Kichawi Kill is environmentally friendly, ensuring a sustainable solution for Striga Weed control without harming the ecosystem.

Kichawi Kill stands out with its innovative bio herbicide technology, revolutionizing the fight against Striga Weed in maize farms.

Kichawi Kill boasts unparalleled effectiveness, swiftly eliminating Striga Weed and restoring the vitality of your maize crops!

Yes, using Kichawi Kill is a breeze, making it the go-to solution for farmers battling Striga Weed invasion!

Striga Weed Warriors

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